Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mouse Guard Fall 1152

Hello again. This book is something of a departure from my usual as it is a graphic novel, but it was a lovely little read with wonderful artwork. I stumbled across Mouse Guard at my local gaming store as an irresistible RPG. (role playing game) It was freaking cute I just had to have it. The well-informed geeky-boy behind the counter asked if I knew MG was also a comic? No, I didn't know but now I had a new book to want!

My husband picked Mouse Guard 1152; by David Peterson up for our Anniversary, along with the previously reviewed Shalador's Lady, and I read through it in short order. The artwork is amazing. How the artist made the mice look so cute and so fierce at the same time, I just don't know. It is sweet enough that fairly young kids will like it, my son is 7 and loves it, and interesting enough for older kids and geeky adults like me. After reading this graphic novel I am even more excited to play the RPG. *squeee!*

Shalador's Lady

Shalador's Lady is the latest novel from Anne Bishop, one of my favorite authors. I just finished reading it as I was lucky and had a lot of time to read over the weekend because was feeling really ill on Sunday. This book is a sequel to The Shadow Queen and continues the story of Cassidy, a Queen trying to repair the damage done to Dena Nehele by the corrupt Queens who had ruled the territory under Dorothea SaDiablo. She continues to face a great deal of reluctance on the part of her First Escort, Theran Grayhaven as he continues to wish for a more superficially attractive Queen who would behave "more like a Queen should."

Things take an abrupt turn for the worse when Lady Cassidy's old rival, Kermilla, shows up reminding Cassidy of her past heartache and betrayal. Pretty Kermilla begins undermining Cassidy right away and is backed by Prince Theran leaving Cassidy vulnerable as Kermilla tries to usurp her court. This is an emotional drama, much like The Shadow Queen, and the action is largely the internal struggle of certain characters trying to overcome the scars and pain of traumas past. I found it hard to put down and generally a satisfying read. The ending felt a bit rushed through, I would have liked more. Hopefully Ms. Bishop plans to continue chronicling Cassidy's adventures in future novels.