Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mouse Guard Fall 1152

Hello again. This book is something of a departure from my usual as it is a graphic novel, but it was a lovely little read with wonderful artwork. I stumbled across Mouse Guard at my local gaming store as an irresistible RPG. (role playing game) It was freaking cute I just had to have it. The well-informed geeky-boy behind the counter asked if I knew MG was also a comic? No, I didn't know but now I had a new book to want!

My husband picked Mouse Guard 1152; by David Peterson up for our Anniversary, along with the previously reviewed Shalador's Lady, and I read through it in short order. The artwork is amazing. How the artist made the mice look so cute and so fierce at the same time, I just don't know. It is sweet enough that fairly young kids will like it, my son is 7 and loves it, and interesting enough for older kids and geeky adults like me. After reading this graphic novel I am even more excited to play the RPG. *squeee!*

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