Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Her Fearful Symmetry

This book is due to be released on September 29th but is available for preorder on; http://www.amazon.com I happened to get an advance reader's copy from Simon and Schuster.

From the author of The Time Traveller's Wife, Audrey Niffenegger, this novel is not one I would usually pick up for myself. I like sci-fi and fantasy for my pleasure read and was happily surprised to find myself enjoying Her Fearful Symmetry.
I think the novel's greatest strength is its cast of characters, most of whom are imperfect, appealing, sympathetic and distinctly cracked. The central characters are all a little crazy which makes them interesting and kept me turning pages wondering what they would do next. This is a story about love and bonds between sisters, husbands and wives, friends and lovers. It is not just a love story though, its a story about secrets and betrayal, a story about two girls coming of age and trying to find their way in the world. It is also a ghost story with some surprising new ideas on haunting, new to me at any rate. While it starts out rather whimsically, the haunting takes a darker turn than I was expecting.
This is an enjoyable and entertaining read. An excellent book to read on the beach or curled up by the fire. Set mostly in London, next to Highgate Cemetery, the story is anchored to reality by the natural way the author weaves in specific shops, restaurants and parks. Several times while reading I stopped to look these places up and found the effort worthwhile. Highgate Cemetery is absolutely lovely and worth preserving and the author provides information at the end of the book for any readers who may want to donate to the cause.
The story asks for a few pretty strenuous suspensions of disbelief, and toward the end it was hard to do. I don't want to spoil anything but I think it is safe to say that there was a point or two where I was shaking my head trying to imagine people actually going along with the requests they getting without calling the police or a psychiatrist. Despite that one real flaw, this is an excellent read and I would recommend it as worthwhile and enjoyable.

Today I am drinking Dr. Horrible's Tea of Evil from adagio.com again. ^_^

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