Friday, August 14, 2009

Maiden Voyage

Jumping right in:

The latest good book making me happy is; The Red Tree; by Caitlin Kiernan. Having read her previous novels and enjoyed them more than almost any others I have read, I was eager to get my hands on her latest and pre-ordered it in April. I was not disappointed.

Unlike her previous novels, this one stands alone. It is the story of an author who rents a remote farmhouse in order to have solitude for writing her latest, unstarted and already overdue novel. The author is Sarah Crowe, a woman running from her own demons, from memories of personal tradgedy that she can't seem to escape. As the story unfolds and Sarah becomes fixated on a mysterious tree and a discarded manuscript, like the best of Ms. Kiernan's writing, the lines between what is real and what is not become blurred, and great and difficult questions are asked and explored. This a story of stark beauty and terrible wonder and it will keep you second guessing all the way to the end and possibly beyond. I am still mulling over the questions it raises and enjoying the disquiet of no easy answers. A rare treat from a book these days.

For nice tea this gorgeous day, I am sipping this unseasonably hot cup of custom blended tea from adagio; This site is amazing. You can create and name your own blend of favorites. The link above is my blend of Irish Breakfast, Honeybush Chocolate and Pepermint Leaves. I have never tried customizing tea before and am happy to say it came out very well. I drink it with a bit of unsweetened soymilk.

That's enough for now. Happy Reading. ~

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