Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Blog? Etc...

I've decided that waiting for my muse is pointless. That's one reason I started this blog; I like to write and with or without the inspiration of the gods I am just going to stumble on ahead. Actually, that sounds a little depressing when I write it out but well, there it is.

Forging ahead: I am currently finishing up reading an advanced reader copy of; Her Fearful Symmetry; by Audrey Niffenegger. It'll probably be one of those books that gets on Oprah's book club list (Audrey Niffenegger also wrote; The Time Traveller's Wife) so not my typical read. Most of the books I read are unlikely to have "best seller" scribed across their covers. I am surprised to find myself enjoying it quite a bit, partly because there are some paranormal elements to the story and mostly because the cast of characters is endearingly cracked. But I will save the rest of my comments for after I finish reading. I am also continuing to slowly savor Little Gods; by Tim Pratt.

One small item of note: Subterranean Press has just posted an interview with one of my favorite authors, Caitlin Kiernan, here: The interview focuses on her new book; The Red Tree and offers some insights that might interest.

If you haven't checked out: for all your custom blended tea drinking needs, you might want to. I have been having a wonderful time over there making up my own special teas for different times of the day; breakfast which came out great and a decaf for evening that I need to order and try. The tea is on the expensive side, it comes out to about 20 cents a cup ($10 a tin) but as you can design the tea yourself it can be exactly as decadent as you want it to be. My nightime tea is made with decaf vanilla tea, honeybush vanilla and just a bit of raspberry. I can't wait to try it.

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